Southern Isles

The Southernmost Islands in Ellomband, comprised of three main islands and several smaller ones dotting the oceans.

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Although they are often grouped together, this grouping is purely for geographic simplification. In reality, the Southern Isles are quite isolated from each other. They fall into three subcategories: the Eastern Isles (consisting of the two large islands of The Merciful Isle and Betwsy and several smaller ones), the Attonian Isles, which are to the west across the Sea of Baste, and the Iboean Isles, which lie to the west across the Sea of Iboeas from the Attonians.

The Eastern Isles are controlled from the city of Mawic on The Merciful Isle.
The other island groups are controlled by tribes of ancient people who have ruled them for ages, such as the Attonians, who rule the Attonian Isles from their stronghold Atton Tower, and the Iboeans who control the Iboean Isles from Thafeld Keep. There are other less prominent tribes who have contested the two major families, but they never stay in power.

One thing the the islands all have in common is their fairly temperate climate, with the Iboeans and Attonians being slightly warmer on average, and the southern reaches of The Merciful Isle reaching quite chilling temperatures for large portions of the year.

Southern Isles

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